About Us

Justice United was established by members of the Queensland legal community, who saw the need to provide legal and other support services to people in crisis.

President Solicitor, Michael Goodman, and Founder lawyer Kylie Bruce, saw the need to provide people in crisis with solid and professional legal support, as well as helping people out of crisis by working with other services to assist in improving the situation.

Our Mission

Our mission and motto is based on the Latin phrase - primum non nocere (First Do No Harm) which is also contained in the Hippocratic Oath.

At Justice United, we know that to do nothing when other people are in crisis compounds the issue and causes more issues and pressure on personal lives, families and the society.  We aim to respond, recover and rebuild those in crisis by assisting them to navigate through the crisis using the law, and by assisting access and transition to appropriate support services assisting them to recover from the crisis.

Focus Areas

  • Domestic Violence
  • Child custody
  • Removal of Children
  • Indigenous issues
  • Domestic violence
  • Child sex abuse
  • Refugee crisis support

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