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Our services are available to anyone and some are provided pro bono, (free of charge in some cases, and reduced rates for others). Additionally we work on a fixed fee and are aware that people must still have the means to provide for their families and themselves.

For more details about our fees, please contact us so we may assess your situation and discuss your options.

Legal Support

In terms of legal support we collect and collate the history of the matter and identify the issues in dispute.  We work with you to ensure that the factual basis is as accurate as possible. The quality of the data is very important and If the matter proceeds to evidence and submissions and or promises of future conduct (such as compliance with a court order), it is vital to the best outcome that the court forms a positive view of you.  We support procedural fairness, natural justice and the best interest of the child. We support a non adversarial approach to family disputes.

Screening Process

The Screening Process identifies urgent, medium term and long term, legal, health and socio economic issues affecting you.  The matter could go to court. In our experience a clear factual picture and a clear list of genuine issues is good preparation in any context, whether it be negotiation, mediation or court application.


As part of our Response and based on the work done in the early stages of the Screening Process, we try to identify urgent needs for additional assistance. Sometimes the knowledge that people in the community are here to help you can be a great boost.


We can identify issues and provide strategies to put you and or family on a firm footing to create the positive environment for a safe and productive future.


Rebuild is a reach out service to other agencies, be it health, housing or financial.


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